Welcome to Sewerin - Manufacturers and suppliers of water & gas leak location equipment, Pipe & Cable Location tools & Metal detectors

Water Leak Detection and Gas Leak Location Equipment and Tools

Welcome to SEWERIN Limited ~ UK and International Supplier of Water and Gas Leak Detection Equipment made by Hermann Sewerin GmbH. Sewerin supply tools for water leak location and detection. Sewerin leak location equipment is suitable for water and gas utilities, plumbers and restoration companies.

Sewerin's expertise is the development and manufacture of measuring instruments for locating, measuring and warning of water and gas leaks.

Sewerin’s advanced product technology combined with over 100 years of experience in the development of water and gas leak detection and pipe location equipment is available to purchase in the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, and other countries directly from Sewerin Limited. Our instruments are designed to find water and gas leaks, locate pipes or lost valves in the following applications:


Advanced digital and electro-acoustic technology for Water Leak Technicians, Plumbers and Damage Restoration Engineers to locate water leaks. Correlators, Ground mics, Tracer gas, Noise loggers.


Locating and tracing plastic & non-metallic pipes using electro-acoustics. Locating metallic pipes and cables using electromagnetic fields (signal generators-Genny). Pipe and cable locators & tracers. Finding lost manhole covers and spindles with Sewerin metal detectors.


Instruments for locating, tracing, warning of gas leaks in distribution networks, houses and the work place.


Portable and fixed systems to monitor Biogas, Anaerobic Digesters, CHP plants and landfill gas composition.

Techniques for finding water leaks:

correlator.jpgCorrelators: Two microphones are attached to a water pipe with a leak and both “listen” for the noise from the water leak. If they can both “hear” the water leak, the correlator (combined with other data entered by the user) calculates the position of the water leak. Correlation is best suited to larger pipe networks such as network distribution pipes.

ground_mic.jpgGround microphones: Leaking pressurised water pipes produce noise. Using electroacoustic ground microphones, or listening sticks, the resulting water leak noise can be heard and the water leak location identified. This technique works well both indoors and outdoors.

tracergas.jpg Hydrogen Tracer Gas ~ Variotec 460: A tracer gas containing hydrogen and nitrogen is introduced into the water pipe with the suspected leak. The gas escapes from the leak point and is detected by the Variotec 460 Tracer gas instrument. Very successful leak detection method inside buildings, on customer supply pipes & swimming pool water leaks.

cat.jpgPipe Location: To locate a water leak you first need to know where the pipe is. Using Sewerin pipe Location Tools you can find & trace both metallic pipes & cables and locate plastic pipes outdoors.